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SAGGIO'S DIGITAL ALBUMS (MP3)Downloads are available for $9.99
click here:

This includes Saggio's first CD , 
The Thunder of Silence which is no longer
available on hard disc.  This CD is great for massage, Reiki, and other healing modalities.

Listen for Saggio's Music
on your local cable music station SOUNDSCAPES
Through the healing sounds of
Crystal Singing Bowls and Flutes,
we send you Light, Love, and Peace 

Saggio and Barbara
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Spectral Ascension mandala by Barry Stevens
Thunder of Silence Ensemble
Tranquil Soundscapes
Dear Friends,

September 30th we wil be performing music from our new CD "Tree of Life" at the Listening Room in Phoenix at 7PM.

  There will be a continuous 90 minutes of tranquil sounds for you to relax and enjoy.

Let your mind and body be taken to a state of tranquility and well being. Immerse yourself in the heavenly strings of electric harp , melodic percussion with seven handpans, crystal singing bowls  and the haunting sounds of the Native style flutes. 
This is the medicine of music: performance art reborn as sound immersion.  

You can bring your own drink, a blanket, pillow and a yoga mat if you want to lay on the floor. Chairs are available for seating.

Please get your tickets early as there is limited space.
You can obtain more info and purchase your ticket at:

We will not be hosting Crystal Bowl, Native Flute, Handpan Meditations at this time.
Going to Sedona, Cottonwood, or Jerome ... call Rick or Jeanine for a fantastic massage.
We are so excited to present our 7th CD "Tree of Life" .  It will be available Sept 30 at the Listening Room .