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 Spiritual, healing, new age, world music. We offer group sound healing meditations with native flutes, crystal singing bowls, and melodic percussion instruments from around the world.
The Thunder of Silence
Gentle Being
Courting the Heart of the World
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Experience the haunting, healing sounds of Native American style flute, and crystal singing bowls, PLUS many world instruments on Saggio CDs. Indulge in a personal listening pleasure that will comfort every cell of your body!
The perfect accompaniment to meditation, massage therapy, tai chi, reiki, yoga, bodywork, and more.
Awakened Heart
Monthly Newsletter

Greetings Barbara and Saggio,

Thanks so much for thinking of me and sending me  "Hollow Bone".  It takes me on a journey through
time: from ancient civilizations of Greece and Egypt, through Biblical times and into the Far East and Beyond. The arrangements and instrumentation are unique and flawless. Already it has become a part of my daily listening for continued healing and well-being.  The Great Spirit has truly blessed us listeners with folks such as you to guide us on our respective Spiritual Paths.

 Big Mike  (Prescott, Az)


Dear Saggio & Barbara Ruth,
From whom all good things flow!
Your  creativity continues to calm and soothe me! I'm immediately inspired to start playing tai chi the first moment your music fills my heart,  and blesses my entire home! Thank you for 'Hollow (Hallowed) Bone'!  Listening to it, my pained body sinks into healing relaxation and  facilitates visualizing refreshing new life!  I love you guys! 
Sher ,  Tai Chi Instructor  (Surpirse, AZ)

Hi Barbara,

Michael sent me the new Cd and I LOVE it!!! I used it as background for a prayer group Monday night already I was so enthralled with it. It's as close as I can get to being at one of your meditations.
Rev. T. Rose ( Washington)


I received “The Thunder of Silence” CD yesterday. Thanks for mailing them so quickly! And thank you for producing such beautiful music!  This CD is PERFECT for massage.  It’s the best massage music I’ve heard in the top 5 CDs, and I’ve been doing massage for over 12 years.
Laura  (Jacksonville, OR.)


The Awakened Heart CD is absolutely wonderful!
Dave is using it in our Tai Chi Classes.  It is really a great CD with a lot of peaceful energy.

We thank you.
Dave and Paula  (Glendale,AZ)


Dear Saggio and Barbara,
Finally, after years of searching for the right music to compliment my T’ai Chi Chuan Qigong classes,  I found your CDs "The Thunder of Silence" and "Awakened Heart".

I have been teaching classes in T’ai Chi Chuan and Qigong for 26 years and have spent a great deal of money on various cassettes and CDs, but could never find one as relaxing and appropriate for my classes as your CDs.
Thank you both for sharing your wonderful gift.

Marlene Brown – Certified T’ai Chi/Qigong Teacher


“I wanted to e-mail you, to let you know what a tremendous blessing your new CD, Awakened Heart is. You have really outdone yourselves. I believe it to be a masterpiece.  I don’t know if I have ever heard a native flute CD this hypnotic.”

Dennis Jent
Licensed Massage Therapist
and Promoter of Native American Flute Music
Mesa, AZ


Hello Saggio

I met you last week at the Biltmore Fashion Square when purchasing one of your CD’s.  I purchased , at your suggestion, The Thunder of Silence....I told you I did not care for other instruments playing at the same time with the flute. After listening to the CD, I have tell you I am just crazy about it. It ranks right up there with my Carlos Nakai tapes.

Thank you again for your beautiful music,
Sincerely Diana   (Phoenix, AZ)
Where the sounds of Native Flute & Crystal Singing Bowls COME ALIVE!
Hollow Bone:
Healing Songs of the Native Flute
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