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About Barbara Ruth

Having been an intuitive sensitive as a child, my life's journey has continually guided me in directions to develop my gifts and share them with others.  Throughout the years, my interest and desire to help people better understand themselves and discover their natural state of wholeness has led me to the studies of Reiki, Sound and Color Therapy, Numerology, Acutonics, and other numerous healing modalities. I have been blessed to become a Reiki Master, Medium, and Minister.

After taking a Holographic Repatterning class, I fell in love with the frequencies of a "C" (Root) Crystal Singing Bowl.  As is probably the case for most people who attend workshops, I went back to the normal routines of life and didn't have much spare time to explore the bowls.  Many years past, and in 2003, Saggio and I  went to the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with the intent of possibly purchasing "a bowl."  We left with "a chakra set of seven" and became distributors for Crystal Tones.

One day, while playing these exquisite bowls,  I heard an ever small inner voice telling me that we were to create a Crystal Bowl / Native Flute CD.  I listened and received guidance as to what bowls and flutes would be needed for this chakra balancing CD.

The Awakened Heart CD was born, and along with it came the birth of the Sound Meditations. In April 2003 we began inviting friends to hear this new sound of playing different harmonics with the Crystal singing bowls and flutes. The friends came back with more friends and those friends starting bringing friends.

Friends bringing friends has been happening ever since at our Geodesic Dome nestled in the small Arizona desert town of Apache Junction.

Although we are creating music, we do not consider ourselves to be musicians. We are Sound Healers. Together we create harmonies with the Crystal Singing Bowls, Native Flutes and World Instruments to help produce a deep state of relaxation.  While in this state, the entire body can experience inner peace and harmony, and tap into its natural ability to heal...emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

We have completed Healing Sounds Intensive Training with Jonathan Goldman, Director of the Sound Healers Association, and have attended numerous Sound Healing Workshops in Taos, New Mexico and  have met Sound Healers from all over the World. We are currently members of the Sound Healers Association.

Saggio playing Big flute
My songs are mine, and yet not mine. They are spontaneous flute compositions, born in response to my wakening consciousness.
About Saggio

It was after undergoing Reiki attunements that I discovered the primal sound of the Native American flute. It was as if some kind of cellular memory was triggered in me, for the urgency to embrace this voice of the wind was overwhelming.

Although I had never made music before, my first encounter with the flute was a mystical union of wood, flesh, and spirit, a genuine heart-awakening. It was a coming home for both the flute and the flute player, a soulful reunion of long-separated friends.

And so it was at fifty-one years of age that I started making music. I cannot read or write music. I have no formal musical training, no constant mentor, and no coach.

I have something much greater. It is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. It is The Master Within. No, I am not unique. All humans have that Master Within, for He is always appearing in us, through us, as us. Sometimes when we can get quiet enough and listen, He speaks to us through a flute or a dance or an artist's paint brush.

Is the magic in the flute, the artist, or The Master Within? As long as we continue to be preoccupied with such questions, we remain within the illusion of separation and the Master Within appears absent.

The Master within is Consciousness. Consciousness is The Master Within. We are all Consciousness. We are all The Master Within.

The songs that come to me always were and always will be. When I get in that place beyond words and thoughts, beyond separation, I  become the flute and I become the song. I am the Universal Amnesiac awakening to his true identity as a Being of Love
and Light.

Within this Thunder of Silence I exist as a Healing Artist, one who regularly takes time to play the Native American flute to realize the Oneness and wholeness that is the stuff of all creation. In these moments I free myself from the illusion of the unending erroneous beliefs of our race...  "I am sick." "I am afraid." "I am dying."

As a Healing Artist it is my intention, when playing my flutes, to know the truth about myself that will set me free from all erroneous beliefs. In doing so I return to the Oneness and Wholeness that I am. My listeners, whether hearing the sound live or on CD, can join me in this place of Oneness and Wholeness. They need only surrender to their own joy and waken from their amnesia.

It is without any regrets that I walked away from a former career as a high school English teacher to devote full time to performing and recording. Over the years I have had the opportunity to appear at Borders Books & Music, The Thunderbird Balloon Classic, Scottsdale Fiesta Bowl Art Walk, Mesa Arts Center, Chandler Center for the Arts, the West Valley Art Museum, and the University of San Diego.

My journey as a healing artist has enabled me to strike up friendships and acquire flutes from some of the most gifted flutemakers across the country. My collection  includes a wide variety of Native American style wood flutes in cedar, walnut, spruce, mahogony, cherry, maple, mesquite, bamboo, rivercane, and kwila.

I play these flutes without knowing how. It is because I AM what I play. I put my head under my arm and I play with my heart until I am the flute and I am the song. I PRAY my flutes to carry me to that quiet place deep within, where I can experience the thunder of silence.