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Barbara's  vision came complete with the design of the movement of sound starting with the base chakra and working its way up to the crown chakra.  The project was born in a Holy Encounter of clarity and soared on the wings of destiny to its completion.  My dear friend Pat Haran put everything on hold and created the two flutes I was missing (a bass Bm and Fm), recording engineer Boyd Sibley of Sedona opened his studio and his heart to us.  In three days the project was entirely recorded.

Boyd's studio is a sanctuary for healing artists, gossamer wisps of aromatic sage rising to the ceiling, burning candles everywhere, massive crystal bowls nestled on the perimeter and synths in the round -- all under the healing umbrella of a ten foot copper pyramid.  Before each session Boyd saged the studio,  the bowls, the flutes and us. We prayed to be clear vessels.  He sat under his ten foot copper pyramid like an ancient alchemist poised to turn lead into gold.  And he did.

I have accepted my role as a hollow bone, as a healing artist who serves the Creator in His offering of Sacred Sound.  With this new recording my wife Barbara joins me in this role.  It all started with the drone and clang of the sub base eighteen inch crystal bowl in C.  I plan nothing in my role as hollow bone.  I listen.  I feel. I ride the wave of sound from the bowl, and the flute comes alive in my hands as the Creator plays me as His flute.
The 89' Honda had been off the road for over a year and had become a nest for a family of squirrels.  It cost $111 to evict the squirrels and repair the damage they had inflicted on the wiring.

Mental note:  Always require a security deposit from tenants.

Additional Mental Note:  Always pay attention when multiples of 1 or any other number come at you.  It has become  a sign for me that the Universe is confirming the Oneness of All Life and Its glorious unfolding.  Like the magical beans that Jack traded a cow for, I traded my Honda for 1300 magical beans that two days later I traded for a set of Crystal Singing Bowls that had been calling to my wife for several years.

It was Barbara who received the inner prompting  to wed the ancient  healing sound of the bowls to the ancient healing sound of the flutes.  She was told we were to create a chakra balancing CD, a recording that would awaken all the energy centers of the body, that would awaken our hearts and all the hearts that would join us in celebrating this new music from the Heart of the Universe.
Of Crystal Singing Bowls and Native Flutes
Saggio's Journey
Saggio & Boyd recording Awakened Heart
Across time and eternity a new sound is born from the ancient vibrations of crystal and wood and spirit housed in forgetful flesh. 

And a remembering returns, a knowing, a Truth of Being that abounds in joy.

I listen with headset to the melding of the multiple tracks that comprise the fourth song on the album: Barbara on crystal bowl in F, Boyd Sibley on keyboard and chimes, bass Fm by Pat Haran, mid range Fm by Scott Loomis, high Fm by JP Gomez.

The sacred sound cradles my heart in loving embrace
My heart melts
I weep fully and uncontrollably
Surrendering to the Greater Being that I am
That we all are
That we now return to as Awakened Heart

Barbara listens with headset to the melding of the multiple tracks of the eighth song on the album:  crystal bowl in B, keyboard of angelic chorus by Boyd Sibley, Heartbeat of the Universe, bass Bm flute by Pat Haran, high F#m flute by Pat Haran.

The mysterious alchemy of crystal bowl, flute and keyboard pierce her crown chakra
She weeps uncontrollably
But the gravity that pulls tears down her cheeks
Can no longer hold her spirit
Which exits the top of her head

Like a wild flower reaching for the light of the sun
Finding the Greater Being that she is
That we are
That we now return to as Holy Encounter

A pre-release copy of "Awakened Heart" is given to a massage therapist friend to use in his practice.  Two regular clients weep uncontrollably during their massage.  In years of massage therapy this has never happened to them.

Our dear friend and graphic artist, Barbara Kunze, puts her other projects on hold and is inspired to create a stunning mandala as original art for our cover.

As healing artists, Barbara and I now offer this healing music to the world, and in doing so we acknowledge that we all heal together, that our hearts awaken together.  And we dedicate this music to our year-old beloved granddaughters,  Asa and Lorien, who carry within them the beauty and powerful resonance of Crystal Singing Bowls and Native Flutes.
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